AKKO (Andrew Koalska) is a music producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist from Saint Paul, Minnesota.
With his oldest roots stretching back to classical piano and guitar, he started producing his own records in 2011. However, it wasn’t until 2013 that his true vocation began to emerge, fueled by the world of electronic music. His early involvement with Hydrive Shows opened doors to gigs and fostered a sense of community - the driving force behind his engagement in the midwest DJ scene. From house parties to popular clubs and venues in the Twin Cities, it has always been more about sharing the love for music rather than an ego driven venture.

His sets are a seamless blend of house, techno, UKG, and leftfield beats, characterized by their rhythmic grooves and diverse tempos. A significant stint at Dubzoo in London, UK, in the mid-2010s, cemented his love for the underground electronic music scene and shaped his professional ethos.

A decade into his craft, Andrew is a studio owner at Origin 414 and contributes to the evolving landscape of the Midwest dance music scene through events like Enigma and Decadance. Co-founded with Mike Johnson & Louis Quicksell, he opened Eunoia Studios, a digital agency dedicated to empowering independent artists through digital products and immersive physical experiences.