"Thank you so much for all the great responses on the Slink/Murk release! You listening and even digging my music is an incredible energy burst that helps keep me going artistically. So THANK YOU. If you do dig it, please share it with your friends and fellow music-heads.

While "Slink" feels like a 'classic' Dissociate track that can easily link the various eras of the project, "Murk" is a harbinger of the future. While Dissociate will always be eclectic and sometimes surprising in style, "Murk" represents a renewed interest in dark and downtempo grooves that I'm continuing to explore in several new songs that are currently in the Lab. One example is a new song entitled "Branches" which will be on a charity compilation coming out later this Spring. So be on the lookout for that.

I'm also prepping a bunch of material for an upcoming release this year. And there could be some additional fun surprises in store.

So again, THANK YOU."