flyover 8: private guy

From Flyover Sound's interview with Private Guy...

"What I like to make, I often like to play. Over the last year or two, I've [made] a lot more techno, and the techno that I like to make is atonal, kind of deep…tone-derived melody in a sense, but dissonant sort of stuff…instead of industrial noise. You can hear it in the's pretty fucking deep. That sort of sound is definitely something that I'd love to make, and the production world is where I currently find myself more than in the DJ world."

"I tend to just…let come out what wants to come out. Lately, it's just been techno. I'll do some house here and there, some more uplifting stuff, [but] techno [has] taken over. It's hard not to [let it], living in Minneapolis. There’s such a vibrant and distinct energy here. It’s the tonality. You hear it with Lonefront and Autokinetic, where it's so deep, but it's a primal, raw energy that speaks to my inner caveman. It just makes me want to dance and watch the shadows on the cave wall."

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