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Friday, Jan. 19
747 is a DJ and producer from Vancouver. Best known for his acidic contributions to Aquaregia, he continues to impress with each and every release. Like his hypnotic DJ sets, his tracks are constantly evolving with a mixture of lush pads, dreamy soundscapes, and the sonically pleasing sound of the 303. Inspired by the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, and the acid legends, his sound is high-fidelity yet old-school, uplifting yet melancholic, a journey with no destination.
Descend into the ice caverns for a night of cathartic abandon with CRYSTALLIZE, a night of hypnotic and transcendent techno featuring a very special guest from Toronto, 747, backed by a star-studded lineup of local musical magicians and visuals from the amazing Pothos Labs.
747 ( Aquaregia, Materia)
$20 Presale / $25 DOS
7pm - 2am
**pre-sale tickets:**
**consent is mandatory**
The dance floor is sacred space for those who dress to sweat. Leave your inhibitions at the door and you may find yourself a part of a shared experience with dancers from all walks of life. Respect one another, support those who need it and come as you are. You are welcomed.
There is a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment whether it be physical, verbal, discriminatory or otherwise. This includes reported homophobia, transphobia and racism. You will immediately removed from the venue for violating this policy.
Respect each other and the space.
if you feel uncomfortable due to disrespectful advances or behavior please chat with the bar staff, security or anyone on the team.
In the deep cold, winter creatures seek shelter in caverns of ice and stone, preparing to settle in for the long rest of hibernation. Stories creep around the edges of comfort, though, seeding impressionable minds with chill and wonder; stories of caves where the walls resonate as one, beckoning sheltering animals to cast aside the static cocoon of rest to absorb the ecstatic energy of dance. Swirling and howling, the sounds of their revelry are lost to the winter winds outside as they spiral long past the rise and set of the sun. When the winter fades and the thaw draws the sleeping world out of its respite, no creatures emerge from these caverns; only the rocks resonate with their memory, casting whispers of their secret promise to all who care to listen...