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Kindohm & Jesse Whitney:
Drawing from jungle and footwork but embracing neither, Kindohm and Jesse Whitney utilize tragic melodies and blistering percussion to create odes for dying worlds.

Michael Gallope:
Michael Gallope is a Minneapolis-based musician and scholar. He is interested in the way sound can be made to feel sculptural in ways that drive emotions into unforeseen places and warp our capacities of perception. Gallope plays with the minimal-ambient band IE, which has released 2 full-length albums and 4 cassettes of experimental drone music since 2016. IE has toured across North America in over 50 shows, with performance at the Big Ears Festival (Knoxville, TN), Zebulon LA (Los Angeles, CA), H0l0 (New York, NY), Constellation (Chicago, IL), the Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL), Milwaukee Psych Fest, Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR), and the Drone Not Drones Festival, with upcoming performances at the Hideout (Chicago, IL) and Roulette (Brooklyn, NY). He has collaborated with Oneida, Florina, Man Forever, Crystal Myslajek, Skeletons, New Pope, American Cream Band, Amy Cimini, and a number of solo artists. From 2010–18, he performed, toured internationally, and served as co-manager for Sierra Leonean singer Janka Nabay, and collaborated with him on two full length albums released by David Byrne's label Luaka Bop.

alone-a is a solo exploratory sonic project from Alana Horton. It explores the limits of memory and moment through vast tapestries of voice, digital delays, and densely rich signal processing. Every audible sound that is generated comes only from the voice, transformed through an ever-evolving Max/MSP instrument to surprising, chaotic, and ecstatic ends. Learn more at https://alanahorton.com/music.