The Space Ball at RaptureMN







Age Limit



It's the Space Ball at RaptureMN!
You wanted more Baby Yoda, more Klingons, Reavers, Clyons, Vorlons, Asgaurdians, and Goa'uld.
Settle down Dot. Welcome to the Space Ball!
Feel free to join us in costume if you'd like by incorporating LED's into your outfit, or if you Cosplay in the style of or as your favorite Space based science fiction character. Yes you can bring your LED flow props to jam out with on the flow friendly dance floor.
The Space Ball at RaptureMN will highlight several of the best MPLS based DJ producers. The entire show will be amplified by an entourage of entertainers creating a spectacle of stage show including projected visuals, laser lights, LED's, Fire performance, and aerial acrobatics.
Palm Butta
and more
21+ $15

Rapture is evolving and you can apply to join the team today.
Rapture MN is a rotating collective of local EDM and performance artists. Our vision is to bring together the best of the local scene to produce the most unique and special dance party in the Twin Cities.
We are currently booking more DJ's, performance artists, dancers, decor artist, local art vendors, technology artists, and anyone else that would help raise the vibrations of our events.
Make sure you join the Enraptured group for more info about our events. DJ's please post your playlist in the EnRaptured Group as well. We want to hear what you're spinning!