KRFF 95.9 presents: Electro Magneto- feat. Jobot, Eckblad, mount curve






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Krff Radio Free Fargo 95.9 presents:

:Electro Magneto:

feat. from minneapolis


mount curve
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Electro, house and techno dance party!
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The torus and torus heart.

**Electro** is the principle of male energy that which it draws out.

**Magneto** is the principle of female energy that which draws in.

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Jobot- Overland Recordings/House Werk- minneapolis
Jobot has been an integral part of the minneapolis dance scene for 25+ years.
From the early days of rave and underground house parties all the way threw next millennium. A co founder and promoter of the Overland Recordings group they have shaped the musical landscape in minneapolis.
His deejay sets never fall short of really fucking good. His choice in cuts and music selctions blended together only in the way of the jobot fashion, we are in for a treat with the return of the ogBOT !
check out his mixes here:

Eckblad-Intellephunk,System, Overland Recordings
Sprung wholecloth from a frozen dinosaur egg discovered at the corner of Whathuh & No in the ebullient land of Ohduh. Don't ask him what time dinner is: it's now, and involves beef hearts, and sine waves.

mount curve- minneapolis, mn
Excited to bring up mount curve with his wonderful and wild vinyl selections. Step into the world of mount curve...

dj klmnop- Radio Free Fargo

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The Aquarium
226 broadway fargo, n.d.

9pm music starts


$10.00 donation at door
All proceeds benefit krff 95.9lpfm

Thank you for supporting local independent artists and our community radio station, radio free fargO.

*Jobots birthday bash*
*** yea it's a birthday dance party ***