Live at The Great Beyond 2021

I guess I'll finally get around to uploading my main stage set from The Great Beyond... 

Recorded in the late afternoon on the first day of the festival. I focused the direction of this mix towards the manifestation of potential energy as a sort of "wind up" for the whole weekend. I took my usual route of starting slow and ramping up the BPM through the set. Keeping things as rhythmic as possible to maintain a very constant momentum. I also took an opportunity to showcase Steve's PA setup, 16 Turbosound TSW721s, four Martin-inspired dual 15" and four Turbosound Floodlights. All aspects designed and teched by yours truly. In that light, I centered on a lot of dynamic and expressive pieces with wide stereo fields for my playlist.

Thank you to everyone who hung out for my set. I'm very excited to see you all at The Great Beyond 2022!