Kajunga KADIGI003

"Before an active volcano erupts, there is a calming of seismic activity. The longer the quiet, the more extreme the eruption. However, the wave of calm the kajunganauts felt wasn’t seismic. It wasn’t physical at all. It shot out from the final open point of the celestial pulsar gate deep into the roots of their consciousness. A few tranquil moments seemed like hours before their peace of mind was ruptured by a violent psychic explosion.

A terrible primordial being — a vast and shapeless force formed of chaos and nothingness — rushed through the pulsar gate. It was a titan from the preconscious world. Dead and dormant for an eternity, it was awoken by the space rangers' amateur handling of alien technologies. By merely existing in the universe it caused a shockwave to race through the astral plane, corrupting the essence of consciousness in this dimension.

As the blast reached the technomancers, it completely disrupted the normal constructs of their minds. Their spirits stripped bare, exposed raw to the constructs of reality. With no mental frame with which to view the world, their senses ran amok. An ocean of shifting patterns overwhelmed their vision. Colors morphed into a cascade of gray shades, infinitely more granular but ultimately..."