Additive Spectra

009 Release Day!!!

Lonefront puts out his first EP on wax with Kajunga Records. Two raw and hypnotic techno tracks channeled from deep.

“Additive Spectra” uses the basics masterfully to draw in the mind and body and transport the spirit to ancient spaces. A deep kick and bass drive through the whole track while the high end remains sparse with a subtly shifting pulse and restrained hi hats keeping the tension alive.

On the B side, “South of Forever” is an even more stripped back, slow burner. Nonstop kick and trance inducing percussion anchor the listener in while resonations and reverberations are twisted and mangled to create a strange evolving space out of darkness.

(12") CAT: KAJUNGA009

A1 Additive Spectra

B1 South of Forever

Produced in Minneapolis. Mixed by Russell E. L. Butler. Mastered by Complete. Pressed by Deepgrooves. Artwork by Ry Johnson and Shields. Obi Sticker passage by Nick Henderson.