Originally hailing from the storied Washington DC drum & bass scene, Boston’s R4NS0M has been at the forefront of the American drum & bass
movement since its early days. Over the course of his career, He’s performed at legendary events like Buzz, Ultraworld, Resonate, Eklektic, Platinum, Respect, Elements, and Cadence, and crafted mixes for Toronto’s iconic Prophecy FM and Winslow’s Bad Snares Anonymous. As a producer, he’s released music on such labels as Moving Shadow, Ohm
Resistance, Soul Deep, Detached Audio, 1 More Thing, WiddFam, and 4 Corners Music, and worked with a number of artists, including Sinthetix, Corrupt Souls, UFO!, Ben Rolo, Fake, Dvalue and Metcalf. With decades of work under his belt, and a decidedly individual take on the drum-n-bass sound, R4NS0M continues to cement one of the more unique legacies in the history of the genre as a creator and pioneer.