You're Reading This On a New Virtual Machine Host

I thought you should know I just migrated servers. Hopefully everything is still working? Let me know if something isn't...

The site, up until now, has been hosted on my System76 Meerkat on a VirtualBox VM running Ubuntu LTS. I've found VirtualBox very cumbersome to work with. This had made me unwilling to commit to working on new features for the website as it was quite a practice to stand up new test instances and iterate through new changes.
mnVibe forum (RIP) super-moderator, Garrett (living), suggested to me I use Proxmox, a Linux distribution that provides very quick and easy management of LCX containers.

I've since set up Proxmox on some old desktop hardware, linked it to my NAS for storage of containers and set up a couple new Ubuntu instances. One for MySQL and one for Apache/PHP/Drupal. I've had a lot of fun streamlining my configuration scripts and am looking forward to learning more about creating CT images, deploying new sandbox development instances, integrating those with git and adopting CI/CD practices.

Hopefully, I can get back on track with some new ideas to improve the site somewhat. As always I'd love to hear your ideas (no I will not be launching a forum, stop it, stop). Please email me [email protected] with any suggestions, event announcements or new audio/video releases.