ENIGMA - Overland // AKKO B2B Fluidtranquility








Age Limit



Enigma is a dance party focused on showcasing the sounds and styles of forward thinking DJs, visual artists and the Twin Cities best sound engineers. Expect pumping rhythms, high quality sound and generative art curated by Eunoia Studios, Pothos Labs, Nestic Sound and Origin 414.
Selectors: Overland // AKKO B2B Fluidtranquility
Visuals: N80 || SPLITTA
Sound: Nestic Sound
Date: 03.09.2024.
Time: 9p-2a
Price: $10 - door tix only
--event guidelines --
The dance floor is sacred space for those who dress to sweat. Leave your inhibitions at the door and you may find yourself a part of a shared experience with dancers from all walks of life. Respect one another, support those who need it and come as you are. You are welcomed.
There is a zero tolerance policy for any form of physical verbal, emotional and any other types of harassment. This includes reported homophobia, transphobia and racism. You will be asked to leave without refund for violating this policy.
Respect each other and the space.
if you feel uncomfortable due to disrespectful advances or behavior please chat with the bar staff, security or any of the performing acts.