Circular Jerks: Eckblad's Birthday and Fundraiser







Age Limit



I'd like to invite y'all down to Club Underground to celebrate my having swung around the sun one more time. I'm sticking to my typical birthday show program of dinner, song, and dance. We'll start with two hours of Xavier playing Brazilian and South American jazz vinyls for dinnertime. Come hungry, Springstreet has an awesome pub menu! Bring some card games or whatever. Following that will be a short live IDM set from Jesse Whiteney. For the remainder of the night, we'll switch into party mode with Xminus1 and Eckblad swinging for the fences with some sort of combination of electro, techno, breakbeats 'n such.

I'm running this as an all-proceeds benefit for Southside Harm Reduction. All artists are donating their time and talent to this cause. We're asking for a $10 minimum donation at the door. Please feel free to donate any amount over that.