What do you get when you combine a deep passion for cerebral sound, a captivating stage presence, and over ten years of auditory artistry?

Devin Lasher, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has a knack for thrilling listeners. Born in Denver and raised between Omaha and Minneapolis, he developed his craft through his experiences in America’s electronic music hotspots. His secret? Storytelling through spellbinding sounds. As Lazyrobot, he’s earned his place as a mainstay in the Midwest electronic music scene through numerous festival appearances, marathon sets, and high-profile performances among leading artists in electronic music. He demonstrates finesse and polished expertise in his performances and his track selection - a nod to his work as a representative of Champion Sound, Minnesota’s leading boutique soundsystem collective. Inspired by a passion for mind-bending, hypnotic, and high-energy sound, Devin Lasher always brings listeners a riveting auditory experience. Lazyrobot is a heavyweight who’s here to stay.