Resonate at ROK Bar and Lounge







Age Limit


I am bringing back live events for 2024 and our kickoff event lands on March 23rd at ROK Bar and Lounge located in Saint Paul Minnesota.
What is Resonate, and what is the idea behind it? As a DJ and attending many live music events, there's something beautiful about the dance community and I see a window where we can enhance the experience. This will be an immersive eclectic enhancement.
We will have visuals on the projector, lighting and lasers while our DJs are each individually taking us on a unique journey. I want this to be a space where people can not only dance, but release their internal thoughts.
I will provide a box where you are open to write down your thoughts, feelings, praises, struggles on a piece of paper. Throughout the night, I will read off what is written as the music is played ( if it is inappropriate or political it will get dismissed).
What to expect:
8-9:30 Open decks ( message me if you'd like to play prior to our artists taking our guests on a musical adventure). Each slot is 30 min to play on a Pioneer XDJ-XZ. We will have a total of 3 openings.
9:30 to 11 Jeremy Gaston will start the night out
11-12:30 Isanti exploring all elements of emotion as well as light and darkness.
12:30 to 2am Outcidr throwing down hard with some acid techno.
1. This is meant to be a safe space, please let me or one of the staff members at the bar know if you are feeling uneasy.
2. Have fun make friends and make memories
Cover is $10 at the Door
Pre-Sale $5 Venmo @Jocelyn-Alberts
Lastly we will have a photographer to capture these this beautiful evening