Computer Music Club Inaugural Meeting





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"The times that I am most motivated to make things is after talking to people that are excited and curious about making things. It feels like connecting with people really seamlessly flows into connecting ideas, and what is making a thing if not the simple act of connecting ideas?

Selfishly, I want more of this for myself, and to have some regularity around it, along with a little splash of accountability. Non-selfishly, I have heard from a few folks in the Twin Cities that they feel isolated in their computer-music-related creative pursuits. There is so much knowledge and experience here, but there isn’t necessarily an easy way to exchange this knowledge.

These are some of the reasons why I want to exist (there are MANY more!), but I also think it is important to get as many perspectives on what would most benefit this “community” as possible. For that reason, I imagine this first meeting being more of an open forum. Anyone that has ideas or questions about the concept will have a chance to be heard. From there we will decide which things to try to make happen first, and then figure out how to make those things happen. Very exciting!

I am planning on recording and/or taking notes on the discussion, and generally being really “open source” about the whole thing. Folks can contribute in whatever way they have the capacity to.

Let’s learn and make stuff with computers! inaugural meeting
Saturday, February 11, 4:30-6:30pm
at RESOURCE // 512 24th St E, Minneapolis, MN 55404
All are welcome! Bring a friend!"

~Patrick Marschke