Age Limit



Sunday November 12th 2023
line up:
The Pourhouse
10 S 5th St
See You On The Dance Floor:
Dancing is the pinnacle of our experience. Respect the dance floor for the sacred place it is. We encourage movement by allowing space for those in motion to stay in motion. Please keep this in mind as you navigate the crowd. In general, be mindful of the vibe you bring to the dance floors you share with others.
Be Here Now:
No phones on the dance floor. No long ongoing conversations on the dance floor. Please take both of these to the bar, or the smoking area. It kills the vibe, and takes away from the synergy we intend to create. This moment right now is the moment to be focused on.
Zero Tolerance:
At our parties we aim to create a sanctuary from the outside world. We cannot reasonably promise a safe space, but rather a safer space, where people care and there is concern for the well-being of people who attend. No Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, or Bigotry of any kind will be tolerated. Verbal, Physical, or otherwise. Violators will be ejected immediately without refund; no questions asked.
Consent must always be asked for, and never assumed. Keep your hands to yourself unless there is an exchange & consent with the person you are touching. We cannot allow violent & aggressive behavior to happen at our events.
If you are having a hard time understanding these guidelines then this is not the party for you.
Dance Floor Liaisons:
If you have a situation that makes you feel unsafe on the dance floor these friends are here to assist you. DFLs are marked clearly by a pink button with the Siren logo during Siren events, or a yellow CREW safety vest at other events. There will be instructions at the door detailing the best ways to communicate with your DFLs in case you might be in need. Please take time to familiarize yourself with them, they are there to advocate for you when there are concerns.
Door Policy:
No weapons.
No outside beverages.
21+ Please have ID ready.
Expect a pat down, and a thorough bag check.
86list is now handled by security at the door where they take the IDs. Each week security is given an updated list, and we go through that list with them on social media so we are sure they are familiar with every face. It’s a very effective way to enforce this list without overburdening our door staff.
We have stated in the past that we can only deal with conflicts that happen at our events, but if there is someone you truly feel is a safety concern please email:[email protected]
There are a few exceptions to this rule:
-Verifiable patterns of abuse.
-Reports from other promoters.
-First person accounts.
-Restraining Orders.
Financial Hardship & Party Accessibility:
As always there is a limited guest list for those in financial hardship with priority to marginalized
community members that attend our parties. Email:[email protected]