Vortex Traks Podcast 20 - Jobot

"Hailing from the Midwest music mecca of Minneapolis, Jobot has been weaving his precision brand of sonic layering for the last 20 odd years. Drawing heavily on electro and mutant forms of acid, elements of techno, and early dancefloor references like italo, space disco and freestyle are all part of his machine-funk palette. One hallmark is injecting 4/4 patterns with the groove of electro. Heavy influences include Intergalactic FM and the westcoast sound of Holland, all things Drexciyan and UR, Midwest soundsystem culture purveyors such as Hush and Intellephunk, nearly annual trips to Detroit for DEMF / Movement festival, as well as tuning in to the echoes of proto-techno on radio hotmix shows as a child in Milwaukee, WI. Productions are in the works, and it will be exciting to hear what the future holds for this genre-bending sonic traveler."