Liquid Sun

Private Guy is releasing his debut artist EP, “Liquid Sun” on his home label, Kajunga Records. Pulling influence from old school Detroit and Chicago house, he offers his unique take on familiar sounds. Using syncopated rhythms and an endless delta of melodies, the midwest native channels five emotive tracks; each one a small part of a greater story.

“Lovely Trees” introduces the EP with a soft twinkle and an easy groove. Echos of melodies swell, while an upbeat bassline guides the listener through a lunar garden of sound. “Liquid Sun” is a voyeuristic take on Midwest deep house classics. Rich chords keep you grounded in the track while spacey reverberations wind through deep sub-melodies.

Planet-hopping to the third track, “Zipperworld” takes you on a psychedelic journey into the ether. Bouncy percussion dances with elegant chords and melodious sequences, while cosmic synth lines tear through the latter half to reveal worlds of overwhelming euphoria. “Animals At Play” crosses dimensions into a dark, R&B influenced universe. A sparse 808 drum kit leads a procession of lonesome bells, eventually filling the hollow space with eerie verses and sequences. The EP closes with “Phase 2: Memories,” a late-late...  more


released November 19, 2021

Produced in Minneapolis. Mastered by Complete. Pressed by Deepgrooves. Artwork by Ry Johnson.