Underground Wonder or Just Another Basement DJ? Enter DJ SoundCloudie!

Minneapolis, MN - Somewhere between "I downloaded a free DJ app" and "I opened for Tiesto", lies the sweet middle ground of 1000 SoundCloud followers. And in that meager, muddled, Minneapolis middle? DJ SoundCloudie! Yes, that SoundCloudie, the one who's only one faulty basement circuit away from being "that guy who killed the vibe last Saturday".

Now, before we all start groaning, there’s a reason SoundCloudie has mustered a small legion of fans (read: mostly college students who can't afford Apple Music or Spotify Premium). Nestled among the saturated sounds of every Tom, Dick, and Harry trying their hand at beats, our local lad actually... wait for it... has some talent! No, I'm not being sarcastic. Okay, maybe a smidge.

First things first, a moment of appreciation. Despite a name that screams "I made this account in 2012 after three Red Bulls", DJ SoundCloudie has somehow managed to cut through the echo chamber of recycled remixes and discover a niche. Some whisper that it's deep house with a touch of Minneapolis frostbite, others claim it’s ambient tech sprinkled with the tears of Prince. My personal take? It’s the sound of a MacBook Pro trying not to overheat. Pure, exhilarating, adrenaline.
One of his tracks, titled “Basement Bounce” (because creativity clearly knows no bounds), has a drop so unexpected it’s like the floor suddenly turned into Minnesota quicksand. And then there's “Frosty Frequencies” which, against all odds, might just be the next winter anthem for those brave enough to wear shorts in December.

Now, if you've found yourself intrigued (or just looking for a good laugh), rumor has it SoundCloudie will be headlining the next guerrilla pop-up beneath the 3rd Street Bridge. Be there, or be... well, probably warm and comfortable in your bed. But where’s the fun in that?

Oh, and a word of advice? If you do find yourself swaying to SoundCloudie's tracks at 2am in a makeshift underground club: don't request the “Macarena”. Last time someone did, the poor lad spent 10 minutes Googling it. Bless.

This article was brought to you by someone who’s taken one too many ironic sips of PBR, MN Vibe’s newest sarcastic recruit. Stay tuned, or don't. Up to you.